Albert Einstein was once asked how he discovered the Theory Of Relativity. He said “I didn’t discover it. I was listening to music and the whole thing dropped in.”  Such is the importance of studying music - at any level, at any age, and with any intention at all, from simple and pure amateur self-fulfillment to full-scale professional development.

We strive to create a supportive environment where students can feel the safety necessary to bloom and grow as musicians.  While Sakonnet Music recognizes that all students, regardless of age, have their own individual learning styles, we nevertheless maintain a high bar in terms of making music, and not just making noise.  Our private music lessons, offered in a bright, sunny and open environment located in Adamsville, Rhode Island, begin with holistic exercises designed to quiet the mind and body, and clear an emotional path for personal expression through music.  Our 2016 Yamaha grand piano is the primary teaching instrument, and the studio is equipped to provide students of all levels and ages with visual and audio feedback on their progress.  Because we acknowledge that making music involves the whole person, we also make regular use of kinesiology, bio-feedback, and Hakomi practices during lessons, customizing our use of breathing exercises, the balance board, yoga ball, and other tools to fit the needs of each individual student.

A benchmark of our practice is that no matter the medium, (voice, piano, brass, or other instrument) and no matter the genre (classical, musical theater, folk, pop, etc.), all of our students are taught to read music fluently.  In doing so, we fulfill the adage Give  a person a fish, they can eat for a day.  TEACH that person to fish, and they can feed themselves for life.  Music remains a universal language.  The repertoire that a student plays at age 10 is truly irrelevant to their success in later years; we know that as long as they can speak the language, they will have the potential to succeed.  In addition, we focus on developing practice habits that are both mindful and intentional; these disciplines are invaluable when applied to every other aspect of our students' lives.

Depending upon the student's skill level, lessons are generally either 30 or 60 minutes in length.  While it is usually best to maintain a regular weekly contact, we are happy to adjust lesson frequency to best suit the student’s schedule.  We also believe that the studio is the best venue for teaching, but we can also make arrangements to provide lessons at the student’s home for an additional travel charge. Sakonnet Music serves students throughout the FarmCoast, South Coast, and East Bay regions.


Half-hour Lessons:

  • Single session; $40

  • Multiple lessons for enrolled student; $37 each, paid each month in advance, due at first lesson of the month

One Hour Lessons:

  • Single session; $80

  • Multiple lessons for enrolled students; $77 each, paid each month in advance, due at first lesson of the month

We accept cash, checks, and Venmo. We also accept VISA, MASTERCARD and AMEX with a 2.75% surcharge. We are open to barters of equal value (body work, locally grown vegetables, etc. Make us an offer.)

Lessons are offered in the following disciplines:

     Brass instruments